Speaker presentation

Hanna Högstedt

Film director and Producer, Onoma Productions

Hanna Högstedt is a film director and script writer, working with both documentary and fiction. After Mourners, her latest film, premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2023 where it won the Draken Film Award. She runs the production company Onoma, based on Ringön in Gothenburg, together with Ami-Ro Sköld and Lovisa Charlier. It is also an art collective and a cultural space, where they arrange screenings, talks and other cultural events. Her film Burka Songs 2.0 (international premiere in Doc Leipzig 2017) created debate all over Sweden in 2018, when a screening with a following talk was cancelled. She is the director of photography on Ami-Ro Skölds new feature The Store, that was recently screened in Rotterdam, and in Swedish cinemas spring 2023. She currently works on her first feature as a director; My French Revolution. Högstedt is also regularly contributing to “Tankar för dagen” in the Swedish Public Service Radio. Högstedt has an exam from The School of Film Directing (now HDK-Valand) in Gothenburg.

Presentation/talk: DRAWING MEMORIES

To translate someone else’s memories into moving images. A talk between director Hanna Högstedt, and animation artist Annika Bergström, about the process behind the film After Mourners. About the process of finding the right method, animation technique and materials to depict the transient and subjective nature of memories, from both artists’ perspective. How this process also was part of a search in family archives, and became a vital part of understanding what is important to tell.