Trollywood Animation Festival

Short film programs

Trollywood Animation Festival will be screening two short film programs this year (2023) along with two films. The first programme is presented together with REX Animation Film Festival and consits of two themes; EUNIC. The second short film programme is presented together with FAF Fredrikstad Animation Festival in Norway. FAF is focused on the Nordic and Baltic regions of northern Europe. The selected films represent the very best from this years festival. For more information on FAF, please visit there website. We will also be screening two films connected to our speakers; from Signe Baumane: My love affair with marriage and from Mikrofilm, Kajsa Naess: Titina.

Please note that a festival ticket is needed to watch the short films. 

All films will be screened live on Saturday, 6th of May at Biostaden. 

In collaboration with REX

REX is a yearly film festival focused on bringing the very best of European animation to Stockholm and Sweden. This selection of European animation is a smorgasbord of inspiring short film productions for adult audiences. From unusual stop-motion materials to street art, optical illusions, current issues in today’s Europe, and personal storytelling, each film has a style of its very own.

REX erbjuder unika filmvisningar, samtal, studenttävling, gästprogram och deltagandeaktiviteter på temat animation. Genomförandet bygger på samarbeten med europeiska kulturinstitut (EUNIC Stockholm), filmdistributörer, intresseföreningar, lokala biografer, skolor, bibliotek, kulturskola, kulturhus m.m. REX är även en nationell och internationell aktör som bjuds in till programläggning på andra festivaler. 

Short film program (2) EUNIC

Letters to Parkkimäentie

By Mika Koskinen


And the greatest of these is love. Director’s grandparents letters and grandmother’s diaries have a dialogue throughout centuries. Same emotions which we all go through are present also in old letters. Time passes and eventually there is only one left with never ending longing. A bed which has been taken away rises as a symbol for the lost.


By Flore Péan, Elisa Baudy, Jeanne Damas, Gabin Ageorges, Bradley Lejeune


Searching for social links, Oscar contacts strangers by phone, until he finds Arlette. During the conversation, he shares his insight about the world.


By Chrysoula Korovesi, Marios Gampierakis


A canary is born in captivity amongst other caged birds. A coal miner is experiencing the hardships and risk of everyday labour. The two of them will meet and form a special bond of companionship and solidarity, vital to their existence in this harsh environment under the surface of the earth, until a violent incident will rupture their routine and awaken them.

And the rest you already know

By Ruta Stalmokaite


You are listening to a dialogue between two people – my grandparents. They are sharing a fun yet sentimental story from when they were in their 20s (it is the 1960s, they are in Lithuania which was then still part of the Soviet Union). This animation is my dramatic take on the story with which I am sharing a bit of both of the characters’ perspectives.


By Louise Bongartz, D. Forest Gamble, Francisco Martins Fontes


Madera, a lonesome woman, lives a quiet existence in a small apartment. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and her problems are physically materialized in the form of a cube that appears in her world.


By Olga Jolanta Przytuła


PURE is like a travel into the unknown. Like a dream or an oneiric story coming from within, ready to be told. It slowly unravels its secrets, without giving one, specific thought. It’s a poem to your inner sensibility.


By Andre Marques Almeida


This is a story about a man and a cat. No sorry… A man, a cat and a dream. Wait… probably a man, a cat, a dream and a vespa!
It’s about relationships and how they can shape our life forever.
But it’s also about a weird character and his cat who claims his way to the eternity.
Maybe it’s just a story about a man and a cat. But a good one.


By Eric Ledune


Camille, 5 years old, takes a naive and rebellious look at her dad, a trader who dreams of being the Wolf of Wall Street. From easy money to contempt for the poorest, she candidly observes the excesses of a capitalist society in the midst of a crisis that will take her dear dad from greatness to decadence…


By Barbora Halířová
Czech Republic


Cimpoiasca is a music video that uses folklore motives to tell the story of a pure woman’s friendship. With the help of schnapps and wild dances, these women manage to overcome a little nightmare.


By Serghei Chiviriga


Confused by the whole world and his own body, a teenager is forced to discover in a strange way the truth about his sexual identity by confronting his other half.

Short film program (1)
The very best from Fredrikstad Animation Festival

The leading festival for animated films in the Nordic, Fredrikstad Animation Festival was held from 21 to 24 October and six short films was awarded. The festival has a special focus on films made in the small countries of the Nordic and Baltics and the programme represent some of the best films produced in the area.

Tales of Zale - Flickering Lights


Dir: Sif Savery

Tales of Zale – Flickering Lights

Length: 11:30


Unsure of where to go in life, Zale encounters an old bison waiting for a broken light signal to turn green and let him pass. Before he knows it, Zale too is pulled into the hopeless waiting game which threatens to unravel him.

Troublemaker Tommy

Dir: Rao Heidmets & Pauline Heidmets

Length: 15 min


The benefits of urban life also attract forest animals. Life in a zoo is everyone’s dream.

The Harbour Master

Dir: Mia Ludvigsen Henriksen & Konrad Hjemli

Length: 7 min


The Harbourmaster tells the story of its titular swan, and of how he went from a beloved small-town icon to a wanted criminal.

I´ll Be Your Kettle

Dir: Tobias Rud

Length: 9 min


A woman desperately tries to keep up with her partner’s unusual desires.


Regi: Julia Torjak

Lengde: 3 min 


Information film for RVTS. The film won the award for best nordic-baltic commissioned film.

Cowboy Kevin

 Dir: Anna Lund Konnerup

Length: 6 min


Kevin and his horse have almost reached the destination of the lady who sent him a love letter, and Kevin is eager to finally meet her, but love is not always what you expect.


Dir: Sander Joon

Lenght: 15 min


Father and his son are losing the folk race. In order to win, a boy turns himself into a car tire. Loosely inspired by the director’s childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world.

Screening 3 My love affair with marriage


From an early age, songs and fairytales convinced Zelma that Love would solve all her problems as long as she abided by societal expectations of how a girl should act. But as she grew older something didn’t seem right with the concept of love: the more she tried to conform, the more her body resisted. A story about the acceptance of the inner female rebellion.

Public screening / Öppen filmvisning!


Free screening on May 6th of the Norwegian animated movie Titina  Audio will be in Swedish.

Lördag den 6:e maj visar vi som alltid en långfilm för alla barn med familj eller alla som gillar animerad film. I år kommer vi att visa den norska filmen Titina med svenskt tal. Håll utkik efter tider! Filmen visas gratis som en del av Trollywood Animation Festival 2023. Inga biljetter behövs.