Speaker presentation

Annika Bergström

Annika Bergström (1979) is a swedish animator and visual artist. Her background is in classical animation, as a freelance animator and director, but since 2017 she is active as a visual artist with animation as one of her expressions. Her work also includes experimental video and drawing. She exhibits her work, and regularly engages in various cross-disciplinary collaborations with other artists in investigative processes. During 2021 and ’22 she created the animations for Hanna Högstedt’s After Mourners, hand-drawn in pencil and charcoal and other experimental techiques. Bergström has a master’s degree from Stockholm University of the Arts, in Film and Media with specialization Animation, and also works as head teacher in Animationsakademien, Stockholm.

Presentation/talk: DRAWING MEMORIES

To translate someone else’s memories into moving images. A talk between director Hanna Högstedt, and animation artist Annika Bergström, about the process behind the film After Mourners. About the process of finding the right method, animation technique and materials to depict the transient and subjective nature of memories, from both artists’ perspective. How this process also was part of a search in family archives, and became a vital part of understanding what is important to tell.