Portfolio Review with Drifa Benseghir/WETA

Send in your animated work, and you will get the chance to sit down with Drifa Benseghir and get professional 1-on-1 feedback from one of the greatest animators in the industry. You will also have the chance of winning one Toon Boom license. Together you and Drifa will discuss your shot while she draws suggestions on top of your animation and provides you with support and helpful tips on how to strengthen your work. Drifa is also a lovely and kind human being, so no need to be nervous! Drifa Benseghir is a Character Animator with over 20 years of experience. She is currently working as a Performance Animator at Weta Studios in New Zealand. To learn more about Drifa, listen to the lecture she will give during the festival. Important to note: This is not a competition and everybody is welcomed to send in their work. No matter what level you are on. Your work can be in any animation technique. Your work should be character animation related. Your work can not be longer than 1 minute. Deadline to send in your work is the 28th of April To send in your work: Start with reading and filling out the information in the register form link here . Then you can send in your work to The Animation review is sponsored by Toon Boom. Two people will be raffled out from everybody who sends in their work and will get the prize of one Toon Boom license. The winners can choose between either Toon Boom Harmony Premium or Storyboard Pro. The winner will be announced on Friday the 3rd of May. Contact for any questions. Full link to the register form: