Live and digital 2023

Trollywood Animation
Festival 4-5-6th of May

Live event: N3, Nohabgatan 15 Trollhättan, Sweden. Online event: Selected talks/guests.

Welcome to Trollywood Animation Festival!

The Trollhättan Animation Association together with our partners welcomes you to the online Trollywood Animation Festival – Live and Digital 2023! We have gathered a hole bunch of interesting speakers for the coming edition of the festival. 

Special thanks to Region Västra Götaland, The City of Trollhättan, University West,  Folkuniversitet and Film i Väst together with our sponsors for making the festival possible

The Festival

Trollywood Animation Festival is not a traditional animation festival with a lot of screenings. We are focussing on the work and the business that is behind animated movies. We are also trying to cover what happens in the game industry when it comes to animation and VR. There is a lot of cool stuff happening in the world of automotive and other industrial branches, which we also like to spread the word about. 

But, of course, we also have some screening of animated movies.

Speakers this year

We have been working hard to find really good speakers that can share their knowledge and inspire people to new heights. Ready speakers for this year; 

Regina Pessoa, animator and director from Portugal
Martin Bergquist, concept artist will be joining us and sharing artwork
Kajsa Naess
, director at Mikkrofilm, Norway
Ru Kuwahta and Max Porter,
Neagtive Space
Mait Laas
, director and producer from Estonia

and many more to be presented in short..

Latest news

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