Thanks everyone for coming!

The Trollhättan Animation Association together with our partners would like to thank everyone for coming to the Trollywood Animation Festival 2018! We had some awesome days together with you all. Thanks to all the speakers who joined us, and to all people who came to listen. Together we made the Trollywood Animation Festival 2018, to an smashing event.

Again, thanks to all of you, and we’ll be back next year. Stay tuned, we will be publishing the dates soon.

Special thanks to Region Västra Götaland, The City of Trollhättan, University West, Folkuniversitet, Film i Väst and Innovatum for making everything possible.


Folkets Hus
Kungsgatan 25, Trollhättan


Thursday to Saturday
May 9 to 11, 2019

The Festival

Trollywood Animation Festival is not a traditional animation festival with a lot of screenings. We are focussing on the work and the business that is behind animated movies. We are also trying to cover what happens in the game industry when it comes to animation and VR. There is a lot of cool stuff happening in the world of automotive and other industrial branches, which we also like to spread the word about. But, of course, we do have some screening of animated movies. The entire Saturday offers movies for both adults and the young people, but in separate sessions.

This years speakers

We were extremely excited about the speakers we managed to gather this year. Below you will find some examples.

Per Åhlin, our guest of honor, who is one of the most iconic and celebrated animators in Swedish animation history

Nathan Fowkes, concept artist known for Shrek Forever After and How to Train Your Dragon

Sandra Pilny-Lockertsen, storyboard artist from Norway who has worked on a lot of Norwegian films.

Juri Stanossek, who has been working as VFX supervisor on Game of Thrones.

As usual we have also gathered the hottest people from the Swedish Animation industry, who will present their work in progress, and also discuss the latest and the greatest from Swedish Animation.

These are a few of the speakers, check out the rest in the Speakers section.

Here you can check out more previous speakers!

Latest news

Latest news headlines from Trollywood and around the world.

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