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Torbjörn Alström

Torbjörn Alström

Studied acting at Dell’arte international School in CA, USA. The specialty is masked theater and clown.
He was part of several productions after that in the US, for example San Diego Repertory Theater. In Sweden he toured with Merkuriusteatern, later they became the Skaraborgs Länsteater i Skövde.
Later he studied mask making in Italy for Donato Sartori and on Bali for master Ida Bagus Anom.
The last 30 years he’s been working with companies in Sweden and abroad. Making masks, handcraft and other things for many productions.
He’s also been doing different research projects about the Nordic History of the Mask and also done research together with Roy Hart Center in France about the voice and the mask.
He has also been teaching at the Academia Dell’arte in Arezzo, Italy.
Since eight years he’s in charge of Figur – national center of puppetry and masks located at Frölunda Culture Center in Gothenburg. Where is in charge for a biennial international festival of puppetry. He’s also the president of Swedish Unima.
Alström will present the book Film Puppet by Midhat Ajanovic.

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