Speaker presentation

Nana Li


Art director / Visual development artist

Nana is a Swedish/Chinese art director and visual development artist. Growing up in northmost Sweden, an early passion for Japanese manga and comics led her onto the creative path. Since then she’s worked as an illustrator and comic artist before turning to visual development for animation and games. 

Over the span of her 12+ year career she’s worked and lived in the UK and Serbia before returning to Sweden to work at King. Currently she’s busy learning the ropes of her new role as a new mum, but otherwise she works as Studio AD at mobile games studio 8-Bit Bandits, which are in the midst of releasing their first game  ‘Greedy Wizards’



Developing new IPs: Creating a unique art vision in a crowded mobile games market – How 10 years worth of learnings led me here

‘What should this game look like? How do we make it stand out?’. These are questions I’ve faced ever since I started working in games. While mobile games can potentially reach a massive audience, a saturated market and demands for ‘mass appeal’ make it incredibly challenging for a creative to find something unique. I’ll use examples from my journey through the industry and our latest game at 8-Bit Bandits – ‘Greedy Wizards’, to show how 10 years worth of learnings have (in my opinion) come to fruition.