Speaker presentation

Mélanie Do Monte

Mélanie Do Monte works in sales and support at TVPaint Animation. She functions as a demonstrator and trainer, as well as in online sales and support.

Mélanie Do Monte graduated from an English Degree at Université d’Artois in 2013, then continued in art, getting into the ECV Visual Communication school in France and the Art school ESA Saint-Luc in Belgium. There she studied fine arts and video game production.
Her knowledge of digital arts and her passion for animation led her to work with TVPaint Développement, where she could continue to improve her knowledge of and skills in her favourite animation program.
Do Monte helps young artists to familiarise themselves with the software and produce their own films through her TVPaint training courses.

Still active in her personal work, Do Monte is able to easily understand the needs and demands of animators and artists.