Speaker presentation

Luis Cataldi

Luis Cataldi, Lead Evangelist for Quixel, Epic Games
Luis Cataldi has been working in the computer graphics industry for over 22 years in various
roles including character TD, animator, lighter, environment artist, VFX TD and art director. His
work has appeared in television, music videos, theme parks rides, animated feature films such
as “Robots” and “Ice Age II” and AAA video games. In 2005, Luis was one of the founding
members of Kaos Studios in NYC as the art director. In the role, he built an art team to deliver
“Frontlines: Fuel of War” and “Homefront.” In the late 1990’s Luis became an adjunct professor
at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and later moved into the full-time role as professor and
Department Chair of Game Development and Interactive Design at the Savannah College of Art
and Design. Luis joined Epic Games in 2014 to help launch Unreal Engine 4 and build an
education department. In 2021 he made a shift to the Quixel team so that he could evangelize
on behalf of the Megascans library and Quixel Ecosystem to the world.