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Emnet Mulugeta

Emnet Mulgeta Goodbye Kansas
Eritrea-born Emnet has been a part of the design and VFX community in Sweden since the early 2000s. After a short stint in Australia, he returned to Stockholm to focus on motion graphics, compositing and on-air design. He quickly rose to the role of Creative Director leading design work on TV-rebrands and promos across Europe, gaining numerous Swedish and international awards.
This success lead to recognition and work in the US, where he wrote and directed live action commercials and promos for FX, Showtime, HBO, Google to name a few. As a jack of all trades he writes, directs, designs, animates and edits on most of his projects. Having returned to Stockholm in 2018 after living in LA for a number of years, Emnet joined the team at Goodbye Kansas as a Director and has since directed a number of AAA game cinematics.
He’s passionate about cinematic storytelling and handles epic visuals and intense action with the same ease as complex emotions of performance. Apart from being a film buff and a multilinguist, Emnet is passionate about capoeira, sci-fi and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of 80s and 90s hiphop.