Speaker presentation

Arvid Steen

Arvid Steen has nearly 25 years of animation experience. He studied at the Swedish University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design, where he focused on classical animation. He has worked at the legendary Swedish studio Filmtecknarna and over the years, he has directed everything from ads to documentaries. He was Animation Director on the Academy Award-winning Searching for Sugarman. Lately, he’s been moving into the games industry, where he has been Video Director at King and is now a partner and Creative Director at the Stockholm-based studio, Brokendoll. After working in a vast variety of styles and techniques, Arvid finds that the core principles of animation still are true today, and he implements them daily. 

Brokendoll is a creative agency, with a specialty in branding and promoting entertainment IP. We provide our clients in the gaming sector with a full range of services, from brand strategy and visual identities to campaign concepts, cinematics, and dev diaries. With a creative + concept team based in San Francisco and a full-service team based in Stockholm, we are able to provide the best of both worlds. Our team is a multidisciplinary collection of Artists, Producers, Directors, Designers, Copywriters, Animators, Photographers, and Editors.

Presentation: Animation in Games Marketing

Games is by far the biggest form of entertainment today. In sales, it dwarfs music, film, series and all others put together. There are between 10 and 15 thousand games released yearly and they all need marketing. Most of that is animation in all its forms. As an animator, the market sure looks great. But what is it like working for these clients, and how will animation develop alongside the games industry?

Plus, a story about the friendship that never were, between Thåström and Nick Cave.



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