Speaker presentation

Ansgar Maßmann

Ansgar Maßmann started out his career as a freelancer in illustration, drawing and animation. Education included meeting some of the world’s leading animation instructors including Glenn Vilppu, Mike Mattesi, Richard Williams and Ed Hooks. In 2017 he started his own animation studio, Studio Omme Cartoons where he still works as a Director. During 2018 the studio started to collaborate with Toon Boom Software, producing instructional content for the company.

For the last year, he has been developing the Toon Boom network of studios and schools in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the Nordics – Networking, Consulting, Sales and Training.

Workshop: An introduction to Toon Boom (Thursday and Friday, limited access, only at venue.

Links: https://www.toonboom.com/ – https://cartoon-compass.com/