Speaker presentation

Janne Vierth

Janne Vierth has been writing for film, television and radio since 1999. He writes mainly for children. Animation of all sorts, puppets, live action; it’s all heart and emotions, even if the different tools have their own, specific possibilities.

He has been working with the best of the field both internationally and in Stockholm, Sweden where he lives with his family, a huge dog and too many guitars.

Examples of animation stuff Janne has written and created are ”The three friends… and Jerry” 1998-1999,  ”The Little Ghost Godfrey” (Lilla spöket Laban),  2005-2007 and 2010-11, ”Rita and Crocodile”, 2010, 2016 and the nationally and internationally  acclaimed ”Bajsfilmen” 2014-2015 and ”Gordon and Paddy” 2014-2016, both of which were directed by Linda Hambäck.

Janne Vierth is lucky enough to be working on several projects at once, at present both radio, live action and animation.