Speaker presentation

Christian Ryltenius


Animation Director and Producer

Christian Ryltenius started his career in animation at the Swedish studio Penn Film AB, where he worked on the feature film Voyage to Melonia (1989). After that, he studied Classical Animation at Sheridan College in Canada (1989-1991), before returning to Pennfilm to work as an animator for a number of productions, e.g. ABC, Alfie Atkins and Dogdays.

In 1995, Christian moved to Germany and worked with a number of different directors like Hayo Freitag on Captain Blaubär, and Enzo D’Alo on Momo. He was hired by Warner Brothers to work on Space Jam and Quest for Camelot. For a number of years, he worked in Asia as Overseas Supervisor before he co-launched Slugger film in Sweden in 2004 with animation colleague Michael Ekblad.

His CV includes Director on 9 animated features, e.g. Mamma Moo, Pelle No-tail and Bamse.

From 2011 – 2018 he directed three of the most successful feature films in Swedish animation history; ‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’,‘Bamse and the Witch’s daughter’ and ‘Bamse and the ThunderBell’. 2019 he received the Swedish Film prize ‘Gullspiran’, with the motivation that he is always striving for good storytelling and high quality in his films.

Christian Ryltenius is currently directing the Swedish animated feature ‘Bamse and the secret of the sea’, that will be premiering in December 2025.


Christian will give you the latest update from Slugger film. Including concept art and work in progress from our 2D and 3D productions. It will be stills and clips from ‘Mamma Moo’, ‘Bamse’ and ‘Super-Charlie’. There will also be a sneak peek into an upcoming 3D feature in development.