Speaker presentation

Ben Mowbray

Ben Mowbray is an Australian-born 3D generalist and designer. Graduating from University West, he has worked in commercial animation, including medical visualisation and animated information, short and feature films over the last decade. In 2016 he started his freelance production company, 2nd Dynasty, which has since moved on from working directly with animation to focus on producing 3D printable designs for 28-mm tabletop gaming.

Amongst other things, Ben has served as Chairman of the Trollhättan Animation Association (Trollhättan animationsföreningen) (2016-2017) and as a Trollywood Film Festival organiser since its inception in 2016.

Ben is most known for his highly detailed 3d-printable starships, which have been released over five successful Kickstarters and distributed to thousands of backers across the globe. Currently Ben is working on his next starship campaign, working under official license to bringing to life the Type S Scout ship from the Traveller Role-Playing Game.