Speaker presentation

Alfred Lindahl


VFX artist, teacher and podcaster

Alfred Lindahl is a Stockholm based VFX artist with almost 20 years of professional experience within 3D, VFX and animation. He has worked on high end movies and TV series as well as commercials, music videos and game trailers. His experience includes co-founding the production company Upper First as well as working with talent development and recruitment at ILP VFX, one of Sweden’s most prominent VFX studios. He now splits his time between being a one man VFX studio, teaching VFX and 3D students, and running a podcast about leadership and development in the VFX industry: VFX Talks


Self leadership for better (and happier) artists

How do you become that artist that everyone wants to work with? What do the top performers do that sets them apart? And how can you stay happy in this sometimes crazy industry? In this inspiring talk for everyone in the creative industries you will learn how to level up as an artist with simple tricks on how to present your work, how to talk to your team, how to find what motivates you, and much more.