Art Exhibition

2 May - 13 June

The exhibition is free of charge, no festival ticket is required.

The Festival presents New and Retrospective Animation Artwork

In collaboration with Trollywood Animation Festival, Konsthallen Trollhättan presents Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s exhibition Scale 1: 7.5 Behind the Camera on the film The Burden, starting 2 of May and ending 13 of June.

At the same time, the festival presents artwork by several of this year’s guest speakers. You will be able to see Tuna Boras deft illustrations, Colie Wertz’ pictures of his out-of-this-world-vehicles and Anna Mantzaris short movie Enough and other pictures from her films.

Scale 1: 7.5 Behind the Camera on the Film The Burden

More than two years of work went into creating the detailed dolls and models; bags of crisps, office chairs, cleaning carts, concrete traffic barriers and a three-metre wide rotating shopping centre – all in miniature. Not to mention the step choreography for naked mice, original music recorded with a 15-piece orchestra, and 21,000 frames of animation taken painstakingly, one image at a time. All this went into the nationally and internationally critically acclaimed musical, The Burden

Now, Niki Lindroth von Bahr provides insight into the behind-the-scenes work of her apocalyptic short film about low-income work in the exhibition: Scale 1: 7.5 Behind the Camera on the Film, The Burden. The exhibition can be seen at Konsthallen Trollhättan and the animator, director and artist is also participating in this year’s Trollywood Animation Festival.
The Burden has made a triumphant march around the world since its premiere at the 2017 Gothenburg Film Festival. It has been shown at festivals such as CannesBerlinale and Sundance. It has won 85 awards, including the Le Cristal in AnnecyBest Short Film in Toronto, and the Guldbaggen för best short film.

Look, Don't Touch

Part of Tuna Bora‘s continuous practice of daily illustrations, this partial selection highlights transformations in the United States during the first wave of the COVID Pandemic. It focuses on select events (California wildfires, Black Rights protests, Immigrant Family Separations), and their seismic events on American individualism, coupled with the extreme awareness of unity and separation caused by the sudden shift to low contact socialization. 

Fantastic vehicles and where to find them

One of our guest speakers is Colie Wertz from San Francisco, USA. He is a concept and VFX artist in the film industry and has worked for numerous companies including Industrial Light + Magic, the Orphanage, and Image Movers Digital. Among his work you can find 3D vehicle and prop designs for film projects including Dune (2020), Batman (2020) and Mandalorian (2019).

Pictures of his fantastic and impressive vehicles can be found at Konsthallen Trollhättan during the exhibition.

Anna Mantazaris

Anna is a multi award winning Swedish animation director. She is both working as a commercial director, represented by Passion Animation Studios in London, where she directed for clients such as Greenpeace and Coca Cola, and also working as a filmmaker creating her own short films. Her short films (‘But Milk is Important’ 2012, ‘Enough’ 2017 and ‘Good Intentions 2018’) have won over 60 international awards, including European Animation Award, Vimeo Best of the Year, and Walt Disney Award and Audience Award at Ottawa International Animation Festival. She loves to work with different textures and materials to give her work a handmade feel, and her work often centers around humour and very tender, human and imperfect characters. 

Anna has an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art and a background as an animator, where she worked among other things on Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’. She is also occasionally teaching and has been a guest lecturer at Royal College of Art, Stockholm University of the Arts, Design College of Barcelona, and Hyper Island among others.

Retrospective art at Konsthallen Trollhättan

Per Åhlin

Per Åhlin is a legendary Swedish animator who has given the animated film an increased status and place in Swedish film history. When the feature film I huvet på en gammal gubbe premiered in 1968, the audience sensationally saw a mix of elements where the animated components formed the bulk of the film and the live action a smaller part. Prior to this, all animated Swedish films had been short films, although attempts at longer features had been made. Never before had a Swedish film with such comprehensive animated features been shown at the cinema.


Per Åhlin is a self-taught cartoonist (born 1931 in Hofors), who, after growing up in Småland, established himself as an illustrator, theatre director, scenographer, animator and more.


The most famous, controversial and beloved of all Per Åhlin’s movies is still Tage Danielsson’s Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton. First broadcast in 1975, it has been shown on Swedish National Television (SVT) every Christmas Eve for over forty years. Having various meanings its spirit and message could still be considered relevant even today.

Sara Koppel

Sara Koppel (born 1970), is one of the last standing animators in Denmark, who is still drawing on paper, an art she has been practicing since she was a 14 year-old, school-weary kid. 

In 2002 – when most of the business was moving on to CGI and computer animation – Sara started her own studio, and took the hand drawn animation in a more artistic direction, still making animation for a lot of other films and commercials, but also using animation as installations in art exhibition,s and last but not least – making her own virtous animated short films.

Sara’s technique is still the old-school Disney hand drawn animation tradition, where every second of film is approximately 12 original drawings, every one of them drawn from scratch with pencil on paper.
The colour is added ditigally, but always in a way that keeps the structure of the paper and pencil, a style that makes the films feel very alive and organic, and is perfect for the films that made Koppel a world wide pioneer in erotic animation film.

The exhibition at Trollhättan Konsthall will show pictures from Sara Koppel’s film: Embraces & The Touch of Skin.

Ola Larsson

Ola Larsson has worked as creative/art director at Dockhus Animations studio in Trollhättan. He was in charge of the design department of Linda Hambäck’s feature animated movie Gordon and Paddy, with Stellan Skarsgård and Melinda Kinnaman in the main roles. Ola also worked on Linda Hambäck’s latest animated film Apstjärnan, which premieres at cinemas in June. Stellan Skarsgård and Melinda Kinnaman appears in leading roles and Pernilla August does the voice of the main character.

Ola has also made backgrounds for the Guldbagge-nominated animated films Bamse and the City of Thieves as well as Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter.

In between movie-work, Ola Larsson is a freelance illustrator with a broad repertoire. He has illustrated for death metal bands, role-playing studios and magazines. He is also a co-owner of Eloso publishing house, which publishes books and role-playing games.

Nikolai Lockertsen

Nikolai Lockertsen is a concept artist and illustrator based in Norway. He has worked in the film industry since the late 1990s for various companies such as Qvisten, Filmkameratene, Gimpville and Storm Studios. At Storm Studios, he was lead art director from 2008-2015.

Nikolai’s track record includes more than 30 feature films and lots of TV productions and commercials. He now works as a freelancer with clients all over the world. In addition to film-related art, he makes illustrations for book covers, children’s books, theater stage design, promo-art and more.

Since 2012, Nikolai makes all his art digital. Sharing his knowledge is important for Nikolai Lockertsen and he shares his knowledge via tutorials on the internet. He also lectures at art schools and film schools around the world.