Boot Camp for Film Workers in Animation

Do you have an idea for an animated movie that you want to take to the next level? Or just want to develop powerful tools for pitching an animation project? Then Trollywood Animation Bootcamp is what you are looking for! Applications for this year’s boot camp are now open!

It can be difficult to realise animation projects. A well-executed script, clear visualisation of the film’s expression, estimated budget and financing plan is necessary.

Trollywood Animation Bootcamp started last year to provide directors, screenwriters, animators and producers within the animation industry skills and tools to create a sharper project to pitch to financial institutions.

During two days of lectures, individual and group activities, participants can focus on:

  • Storytelling/manuscript, which also includes character and universe descriptions
  • The visual/animation, including moodboard design and understanding the possibilities of different techniques.
  • Production and financing, where budgeting, planning and pitch material are important pieces

The lectures will be held by special guests with extensive experience in the animation industry, among others, screenwriter Janne Vierth and producer Petter Lindblad.

What is required to participate? You must be a director, screenwriter, animator or producer. You must have completed at least two short films, one of which must be animated (including student films).

The boot camp is a developed by the team behind the Trollywood Animation Festival, producer Petter Lindblad and the Swedish Film Institute. The camp is held in mid-May close to the Trollywood Animation Festival.

More information about Trollywood Animation Bootcamp can be found here: