Guests 2017

Ilan Nguyên

Tokyo University of Arts

Ilan Nguyên is Japanese-French scholar, translator, critic, curator and coordinator for cultural events. His main research areas are history and aesthetics of the Japanese animation (anime) and comic books (manga). Nguyên was born 1975 in France. He graduated from the French National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) an majored in Japanese under Prof.… Read more »

Jelena Popović

National Film Board of Canada

When her studies of Theoretical Physics were interrupted by the war in Sarajevo in 1992, Jelena Popović emigrated to Canada where she graduated with a B.A. in Film Production at University of Québec in Montréal. Her films Galapagos (1999) and The Knights of Orlando (2007) address psychosocial impacts of the Yugoslav wars. Jelena has been… Read more »

Silvia Rasheva & Mathieu Muller, Unity

Unity – project ”Adam”

To create an animated film is a special process of planning and decision-making in several steps. Eventually grow a storyboard until everyone in the project believe in and the production can start. Some time later, everything should be sent to rendering. But what happens when you come up with new ideas along the way? Can… Read more »

Olivier Cotte

French animation

Olivier Cotte (born June 20, 1963) is a French film director, writer, graphic novel author, illustrator, and animation historian. After studying music, ballet, fine arts and films, and directing his first film at the age of 14, he worked 15 years in the industry as director, flame artist and director of special effects, with such… Read more »

Nikolai Lockertsen

Storm Studios, Norge – Koncept och design i animerad film

Nikolai Lockertsen is a ConceptArtist and Illustrator based in Norway. He has worked in the film industy since late 90’s. For various companies like Qvisten, Filmkameratene, Gimpville and Storm Studios. on more than 30 feature films, tons of tv productions and commercials. At Storm Studios he worked as Lead ArtDirector from 2008-2015. Nikolai is currently working… Read more »

Linda Hambäck

Gordon och Paddy

Linda Hambäck is the owner and founder of the company Lee Film.  Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, she has been working within the film and TV industry since 1998, after finishing her studies, at Dramatiska Institutet – University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre, Stockholm. Linda has a background working with TV… Read more »

Petter Lindblad

Snowcloud (Siv sover vilse)

Petter Lindblad is running his own production company, Snowcloud Films AB sinca april 2014. During 2011-2014 he was responsible for the Swedish branch of Copenhagen Bombay, . Before moving back to Stockholm he lived in Copenhagen (2005-2011) working at Zentropa and Copenhagen Bombay as a producer, focusing on animation. In addition, he has experience working with crossmedia and live… Read more »

Rickard Germundsson

Mindbender - Moving the borders for animation

Rickard Germundsson, works as production manager and producer for Mindbender Animation Studio (soon to be Mindbender Entertainment). He is a local resident from Trollhättan, which is where he first came in contact with Mindbender (then based in Trollhättan) back in 2009. Rickard started his career path within the 3D art and film industry 10 years… Read more »

Anders Nyman / Per Nyman

Dupp Film - Animated commercials

“And now there will be commercials.” A classic start to the cinema when the movie theater was the only place where you could meet commercials. Today it is a little bit different and not very many commercials without animation. Go behind the scenes in the production of two refreshing TV spots for one of the world’s… Read more »

Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Kalle Wettre

The Burden

Niki Lindroth von Bahr, born February 14, 1984, is a Swedish animator and short film maker. She made her debut in 2008 with A Night in Moscow, which was followed up in 2011 with Tord and Tord. The latter was shown at festivals worldwide, and won a number of international film awards and was nominated… Read more »

Nima Yousefi

Sigrid and the night

Nima Yousefi was born in 1974 in Teheran, Iran. He studied economics and philosophy at Stockholm University and has a bachelor’s degree. Nima has extensive experience working with both fiction and animation. Since 2010, Nima worked as a producer and director of the production company Hob AB, which he now runs with Peter Krupenin. Nima’s… Read more »

Samir Arabzadeh

Märta Proppmätt

Samir Arabzadeh is a filmmaker from Gothenburg who was born in Tehran, Iran. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film and Screen Production, University of Gothenburg. Samir is currently working on a bunch of movies, one of these is the film Märta Proppmätt (2017), which he produced along with Annika Hellström and… Read more »

Ola Larsson

Dockhus Animation – Working with concept design

Ola Larsson is working as Creative/Art director for Dockhus Animation-studio. He´s in charge of the design-department for director Linda Hambäcks full length animated-movie “Gordon och Paddy – det första fallet” with Stellan Skarsgård and Melinda Kinnaman. He has previously worked as backgroundartist for Guldbagge-nominated “Bamse and the city och thieves” och “Bamse and the witches… Read more »

Christian Ryltenius

Sluggerfilm (Bamse och häxans dotter)

Christian started his career in animation at Swedish studio Pennfilm where he worked on Voyage to Melonia (1989). He studied classical animation at Sheridan College in Canada 1989-1991. As an animator, he has worked on productions such as ABC, Alfie Atkins and Dog Days, before going on to direct children’s classics Nasse (2004) and co-directing… Read more »

Important looking pirates – Animation for TV-series

Important Looking Pirates - Animation and special effects!

Nicklas Andersson, Animation Supervisor at Important Looking Pirates will show up at Trollywood Animation Festival to share their experience in animation for TV-series like Constantine, The magicians Season 2, Westworld etc.

Mikael Fellenius

Mikael Fellenius, is CEO of Film i Väst, which is the most successful regional film fund in Scandinavia. Film i Väst is seeking projects that can compete in the most prestigious film festivals and/or be seen by a large international audience. Film i Väst is accepting applications for the co-production of feature films throughout the… Read more »

Daniel Sjölie

Högskolan Väst – VR research

Daniel Sjölie has worked with Virtual Reality since around the year 2000 with a focus on tying together multidisciplinary perspectives such as computer graphics, cognitive neuroscience and human-computer interaction. The main themes of his current position at the University of Gothenburg are interaction design and visualization, with a focus on the possibilities provided by emerging… Read more »

Martin Hellström

Martin Hellström is the vice chancellor of the University West since January 1, 2017. – I want to look at college as a think-tank – an institution with openness and courage to new ideas. Martin was born in 1962 in Essen, Germany. He has his undergraduate studies in “Germanistik” and “Katholische Theologie” from the Ruhr-University… Read more »

Anna Rydell

Anna Rydell, Film developer and film educator. Anna is a trained art teacher and film educator. She has taught at Linnaeus University in digital media and was employed at the UR as a media educator. Since 2010, she works on Culture and Development, Region of Jönköping to promote the film and filmmaking in the region.… Read more »

Jöns Mellgren

Regissör (Sigrid och natten)

Jöns Mellgren (born 1976) is a writer, filmmaker and illustrator. The radio version of Mustafa and the storm was nominated for the Icarus Award 2011 for best drama production and the Prix Europa 2012. Jöns Mellgren (born 1976) studied art and works as a writer, filmmaker and illustrator. As for the movie, Jöns debuted with… Read more »